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St Mary Magdalene

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A survey was requested by The Rural Dean following his visit to Roxton church in 1998 and was carried out by members of the Roxton & District Local History Group during 1999 and 2000.
The project was based on a survey carried out by Irene O'Dell c1980 when she identified all the graves by Row Numbers and Grave Letters and produced a churchyard plan.

The survey was more complete in that all legible inscriptions were copied out, most in as near the style as depicted on the Memorials.

References are given from an earlier survey carried out by Arthur Weight Matthews in 1914.

This, the Second Edition, updates the incredible work of the compilers of the 1999 and 2000 survey by including more information from the Weight Matthews Survey and Church records. It also includes information from internet sources such as, and to mention a few. Colour photographs are included which have been invaluable for closer study of the inscriptions, at home, rather than in the Churchyard.

The hope is to provide as much information as possible for each headstone to be as close as possible to when it was first erected, though obviously not all this information can be seen now. The condition of each grave is given as per the earlier survey but many of the graves are sadly neglected, the ravages of the weather and nature itself have all led to a deterioration in them. Now this information will be available to future generations.

Naturally we do not believe that a work of this size and complexity will be 100% accurate, there may be others out there who have more information or corrections. If so, we would be grateful if they would contact us using this link:- E-Mail:-